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Alison Lewis, LCSW is a Certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant in Pasadena, California who has been in a private practice for 19 years. She works primarily with adults, and treats a wide spectrum of trauma-related problems such as depression, dissociation, attachment & relationship issues, and conflicts between different parts of the Self. Alison is a graduate of the Institute for Creative Mindfulness training program in EMDR therapy.

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Consultant Specialties: I work with trainees from brand new to advanced. My therapeutic expertise includes depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders and attachment trauma. As an EMDR consultant, I can help trainees learn not only the basics but also the nuances of interweaves, parts work, how to evaluate readiness for EMDR, and how to help EMDR clients get unstuck.


  • $80/hour for individual consultation
  • $70/ two-hour group consultation
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