Amy Wagner

Languages: English
Credentials: LMFT, LMHC
Phone: (407) 488-9043


Amy S. Wagner, M.A., LMFT, LMHC – Amy shares those are the fancy letters one puts behind their name to look like colleagues in the professional world. If you really want to get to know Amy from her bio, words like pioneering rebel, creative visionary, vulnerable disrupter and gentle warrior would best describe her. However, she is sure you want to know a bit more about her credentials…so here is the real deal, along with the compulsory academic stuff. Amy began her journey to be a therapist during mid life when she got a call from God (maybe it was an iMessage she ponders) while sitting in church one Sunday with her family. Amy reports it hit her like a brick and was honestly the last message she wanted to hear. Although she was “in therapy” and on a messy healing journey to heal childhood wounds, being a therapist was nowhere near her radar. Amy talked to her Pastor, who kept nodding at her while he shared the all-knowing smirk. Amy told him she was not taking the call; reporting she was going to hang up on God. “Sure Amy”, he replied, “you can do that, but you are really hanging up on yourself”. Checkmate! That began a decade long journey to today. Since dropping out of college at 19 to open a dance studio (which began the best 15 years ever, and is another story), Amy had to finish her undergrad degree. Seven math classes later and Amy received a B.S from University of Central Florida and was at Rollins College a month later, where she graduated with a M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and Certificate in Marriage/Family Therapy. Amy feels blessed to be a multifaceted human, thanks to an amazing dissociative response to some tough early life experiences. Amy views dissociation as a gift and knows that “if trauma is walking in the door, dissociation is parking the car”. She specializes in working with complex and developmental trauma and dissociation in all layers of our lives, individuals, couple relationships and family systems. Amy believes we are all influenced and guided by systems; the systems inside of us and the systems that make up our personal worlds. Back in grad school she became trained in EMDR and quickly began the certification journey. Amy is honored to be EMDR Certified and on the Consultant in Training adventure. In her work with clients and consultees, you will notice Amy weave in expressive arts and sand tray interventions. She is holistically based as a therapist, consultant, mentor and human. Amy shares with gratitude that she is looking forward to working with you.

Consultation Information

✓ Eligible to offer consultation in the Advanced Certificate in Dissociation Studies

Consultation Rates

  • $75.00/hour for individual consultation
  • $75.00/two-hour group consultation


7345 W. Sand Lake Road Ste 303, Orlando, Florida, United States