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Find the right EMDR consultants to arrange for your 10 hours of supplementary consultation.

EMDR Therapy trainees are responsible for arranging and paying for 10 hours with an ICM EMDRIA-Approved Consultant or Consultant In Training. We suggest completing 4-6 hours between the Part I and Part II trainings, with the remainder completed after the Part II training. Consultation hours may be completed in a group setting or individually, in person, or via teleconference.

Upon completing all ten hours of consultation, trainees should submit documentation of their consultation hours to their Part II trainer who records their completion of the training program and issues a Certificate of Training. Completion of consultation is required before a Certificate of Training in EMDR Therapy can be awarded.

Our team member’s fees vary depending on their availability and geographical location. You will receive more information on booking consultation at the Part I training. For more information about our consultants, their specializations and fees, see their profiles.

All Currently Scheduled Consultation Groups

View upcoming consultation groups with Approved Consultants and Consultants In Training. Select from a variety of available upcoming groups.

Special Dissociation Focused Consultation Groups

The Institute fore Creative Mindfulness is one of the leading programs in offering services that help trainees effectively work with dissociation from the beginning of their journey. Our dissociation focused groups are a resource that EMDR trainees and therapists can access to enhance their skill sets in addressing dissociation and complex trauma.

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