ICM ​Team and Support Staff

Our dedicated team makes the work we do possible. 

Beck Bright-Samarzia headshot

Beck Bright-Samarzia, MA

Chief operating Officer
Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness

Beck (she/her) has always been a “handler.” It wouldn’t be surprising to hear her say, “I’ll take care of it!” with excitement, enthusiasm, and most importantly, skill. Between her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and her organizational skill acquired through twenty years of administrative experience, Beck is an organizational expert, seeing patterns through chaos and deftly navigating challenging situations. 

Beck started working in dental offices when she was just 18, and eventually used her skills and experience to become an office manager, professionally temping and offering training to many different dental practices in the Denver Metro area. Never really being satisfied with “just” being a manager, she earned her Master’s degree from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2015. Her early experiences in internship and post grad were at the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, where she enjoyed working with clients seeking everything from guidance in transition to coming out to loved ones, to cheering them on and encouraging clients to live their authentic lives, not to mention clients who just wanted to work toward their goals in an understanding and non-judgmental environment. Training interns as a Clinical Manager specializing in Integrity Maintenance added the cherry on top to an incredible clinical experience as it utilized one of her most-loved qualities: teaching and training. Beck has always had a passion for counseling, and used to attend Continuing Education events while still in graduate school, simply for the knowledge. She met Jamie at one such event in 2013, which started her journey with the practice of Dancing Mindfulness.   

Beck has been a Dancing Mindfulness facilitator since 2014 and thoroughly enjoys all forms of creative expressions, including dance, writing, visual arts, needle crafts, and especially vocal music. Beck spent many years in Denver as part of several vocal groups including an 80-voice women’s chorus, a small a capella group, a large mixed-voice chorus, and a local cover band.

Alicia Hann

administrative assistant

Alicia Hann (she/her) serves as an administrative assistant for Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness . Alicia is connected to Mindful Ohio & The Institute for Creative Mindfulness through Dancing Mindfulness. She has been a facilitator in the Columbus area since 2016 and is actively working on becoming a Dancing Mindfulness affiliate. Alicia is also a  dance performer,choreographer, and dance educator.  Alicia is thrilled to be a part of the ICM team as a person who has used the dance to aid in her personal healing and recovery she wholeheartedly believes in the “healing power” of art and self expression. Alicia also enjoys backpacking, all things coffee, being in nature, and spending time with her two dogs.

Garrett La Valley

Web & tech designer

Garrett (he/him) is the founder of OdinCat Media Group, which provides elegant digital solutions for businesses and nonprofits. His company manages the website, visual branding and technology solutions for The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. In his personal life, Garrett is an avid student of meditation, yoga and spiritual traditions. He has been studying and practicing yoga since the age of 15.

Michael J. Gargano, MSEd, LMHC

IT Consultant

Michael (he/him) is a seasoned mental health and addictions professional located in Western New York. Michael is a person in long-term recovery from addiction and dissociation. Michael is a trained EMDR therapist, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, yogi, mindfulness practitioner, and writer.

Michael’s information technology work at the Institute for Creative Mindfulness joyfully blends his clinical work with dissociation to adapt technological strategies that enhance the lives of people and clients he serves. Michael’s passion for technology, collaborative approach, and creative solutions to complex problems empowers his clientele to use technology in meaningful and creative ways.

When Michael is not behind a computer he enjoys building fires, camping/hiking, kayaking, and spending quality time raising his adorable son and daughter.

Kelsey Evans, Social Media Manager at ICM

Kelsey Evans

Social Media Volunteer

Kelsey Evans (she/her) is clinical social worker based in Northeast Ohio, Kelsey was in the first graduating class of Dancing Mindfulness facilitators in 2013. Kelsey has worked closely with Dr. Jamie Marich on several projects. In addition to her work as a Dancing Mindfulness facilitator, Kelsey is also a Zumba instructor and a yoga instructor.

Dear Friends:

The Institute for Creative Mindfulness continues to keep a close watch on the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning, we emerged as leaders in providing therapists with important Telehealth skills, and many free resources remain available on our website. We are also leaders in the transition to offering EMDR Therapy Training online, and encourage you to explore our site for these and more opportunities to study with ICM online or in person. A select number of our faculty are offering in person EMDR trainings under safety protocols recommended by their states. Please feel free to make use of our free resources for both clinicians and the community at large.

Best wishes for peace and wellness,

Dr. Jamie Marich