Andrea Cooper

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Languages: English
Degrees: MA, MSEd, PhD
Phone: 614-802-6347
Directory Categories: EMDR Therapy Training Graduates


I’m glad you’re here. I’m Dr. Cooper, a licensed clinical psychologist equipped with extensive training and clinical experience helping individuals navigate a wide range of psychological challenges. In our work, I foster a safe, supportive and accepting space while maintaining a warm, nonjudgemental, and empathetic demeanor. I seek to empower my clients through their deepening insights into the complex factors maintaining their psychological difficulties and defeating patterns as a growing awareness offers an expansion of freedom and flexibility to choose. I support my clients with tuning into their own voice, values, needs, and desires with an emphasis on discovering their most authentic selves. I help clients connect more deeply, mindfully, and compassionately with themselves as well as better understand their emotions and resolve their painful histories. I believe that you are whole, worthy, and good enough as you are in this moment yet that life experiences and the systems in which we live can make it challenging to embrace this truth. The path of healing is one you need not walk alone.


4625 Morse Road, Columbus, OH, USA