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Colleen McKernan

Phone: 720-810-5922 Link: Recovering Spirit


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Colleen McKernan, MA, CSPT, LMFT, LAC, MAC is an EMDRIA-Certified Therapist and Approved Consultant. Colleen is based in Denver, CO and is the owner/director of Recovering Spirit, LLC. Colleen is currently able to offer individual consultation to our trainees to meet their requirements for the basic training component. Colleen does clinical work and presentations around indigenous teachings on the medicine wheel and is able to guide people on combining DBT and EMDR therapy skill sets with this ancient wisdom.

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Consultation Schedule and Info

Consultant Specialties: addiction; transpersonal psychology; integrating dialectical behavior therapy/Native American psychology & medicine wheel concepts with EMDR therapy

Rates:  $100/hour for individual consultation

Categories: Dancing Mindfulness Graduates, EMDR Consultants, EMDRIA Approved