Olivia Lynch

Pronouns: she/her
Languages: English
Degrees: MS
Credentials: LPC
Phone: (203) 482-2594
Directory Categories: EMDR Consultants, EMDRIA Approved, Faculty


Olivia Lynch, LPC is a licensed professional counselor based in Connecticut. Olivia is a Certified EMDR therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and EMDR Trainer. Olivia has been in the mental health field for over fifteen years and has extensive experience working with adolescents.  Olivia works as the National Director of the EMDR Training Program at Newport Healthcare, a leading provider of mental health treatment services for teens, young adults, and families, and has helped to create and lead their EMDR program. She provides training, consultation, and support to the Newport therapists at various sites throughout the country while also providing EMDR therapy to clients with complex trauma. Olivia is also the founder of Empowered Journey, based out of Danbury, CT where she provides EMDR therapy, consultation, and training.  She is very passionate about assisting the healing process and thoroughly enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge of EMDR with her colleagues and supporting clients on their healing journeys. She has considerable experience and knowledge of how to best utilize EMDR therapy in residential and agency settings.

Consultation Information

Consultation Rates

$150.00/hour for individual consultation

$60 for 2 hour group consultation

Consultation Group Info

Please email me at olivia@empoweredjourneyemdr.com for current consultation schedule/availability.


152 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT, USA