EMDR Therapy Practice Worksheets

From 10th Edition of the Manual, January 2022

Note on using these resources

We are continually updating are materials based on feedback from trainings, balanced with standards that we have to meet according to the EMDR International Association. You are welcome to continue using the worksheets that appear in the manual you used at your training. However, if you find these to be clearer for you, go ahead and use them. We’ve also added some additional new clinical aids that you might find helpful in case conceptualization and planning.

These resources are meant for trained ICM EMDR Therapists. Not for the general public.

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01. Phase 1: Practium and Initial Learning (Fillable)

02. Phase 2: Checklist (Fillable)

03. Phases 3-7: Check the Flight Plan + Worksheet (Fillable)

04. Phase 8: Starting a New Session in EMDR Therapy (Fillable)

05. Phase 8: Scripted Future Template (Fillable)

06. Negative and Positive Cognitions List

07. Greatest Hits List of Addiction - Specific Beliefs

08. Case Conceptualization & Treatment Plan (Fillable)

09. Simple Clinical Tracking: Version 1 (Fillable)

10. Simple Clinical Tracking Version 2 (Fillable)

11. Phase 1: For Clinical Use (.docx to add themes)

12. Phase 8 Flowchart

13. Triune Brain Coloring Page

14. Triune Brain Coloring Page (with Additional Detail)

15. Check the Flight Plan (Worksheet Only without Phases 3-7)

16. Dissociative Experiences Scale

17. Phase 3-7 Sharon Demo