Redefine Therapy Expressive Arts Retreat

April 26-28, 2024
Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center
Villa Maria, PA

Registration open

Join us for our Annual Expressive Arts Retreat!

We are thrilled to be back in our retreat home at Villa Maria Education & Spirituality Retreat Center in Western Pennsylvania for the Redefine Therapy Expressive Arts Retreat, formerly called the Dancing Mindfulness Facilitators and Friends Retreat. Join us for this unique retreat experience that is known for its ability to bring together outside-of-the-box thinkers, feelers, and doers from a variety of professions. Select CE credit hours are available for our pre-retreat workshop this year. Retreat directed by Dr. Jamie Marich.
Special guests scheduled: Rev. John Michael Thornton, Dr. Kellie Kirksey, Spiral Rhythms Ensemble, Leah Hartman, and other guests TBA
Jamie Marich playfully dancing and posing for the camera

Pre-Retreat Workshops

April 26, 2024


“Going With” The Cycle of Death and Rebirth in EMDR, Clinical, and Wellness Work

PRESENTED BY Dr. Jamie Marich
& Rev. John Michael Thornton

In this full-day workshop, Dr. Jamie and Rev. John Michael Thornton reflect on Six major global religions, most notably Hinduism and Buddhism, espouse teaching on the cycle of death and rebirth—colloquially known as reincarnation.

9:00am-4:30pm, April 26, 2024
Cost: $75.00 (as retreat add-on, includes CEs)
Cost: $95.00 (as stand-alone course, no CEs)
Cost: $135.00 (as stand-alone course, CEs required)
Lunch is included at all price points.
6 CE credit hours available

Feeling the Call to Facilitate?

We are now accepting proposals!

Have you been thinking about crafting your own retreat session, leading a dance chapel or yoga session?  If so, submit your proposal! 

 With this being the tenth anniversary of the retreat, we are especially interested in proposals and presentations that can show the evolution of Dancing Mindfulness as a practice and as a complete expressive arts therapy approach.


Preliminary Retreat Agenda

Dr. Jamie Marich leading a session during an Expressive Arts Therapy training

Redefine Therapy Expressive Arts Retreat 2024

Thursday, April 26Early Arrival for Those Who
Purchased an Extra Night
5:30pm-9:30pmBegel Hall West
Friday, April 27Breakfast (for Thursday overnight guests)8:15am-9:00am
Pre-Retreat Workshops (Optional)9:00am-4:30pmBegel Hall West
In-Person Retreat Arrivals4:00pm-7:00pmBegel Hall West
Free Time6:00pm-7:30pm
Opening Orientation & Dance with Dr. Jamie Marich7:30pm-9:30pmMother Madeline
Saturday, April 28Morning Yoga with Leah Hartman7:30am-8:30amMother Madeline
Morning Session 1
Details TBA
All Participants
9:00am-10:30amMother Madeline
Morning Session 2:
Details TBA
All Participants
10:30am-11:45amMother Madeline
Lunch Break12:00am-1:00pm
Wellness Services Available (Extra Fee Applies)1:00pm-7:00pm Begel Hall West
Afternoon Session 1
Details TBA
All Participants
1:30pm-2:45pmMother Madeline
Afternoon Session 1
Details TBA
All Participants
3:00-4:00pmMother Madeline
Yoga Nidra 4:15pm-5:00pmMother Madeline
Free Time6:00pm-7:30pm
Evening Program with Spiral Rhythms Ensemble (In-Person) or Free Time7:30-9:00pmMother Madeline
Sunday, April 30Dance Chapel 7:30am-8:30amMother Madeline
TBA9:30am-10:00amMother Madeline
Share Your Practice: Closing Program Led by Dr. Jamie Marich & Participating Facilitators10:00am-12:00pmMother Madeline