Retreat Wellness Services

Saturday, April 29th, 1:00pm – 7:00pm

Time slots will be arranged in-person when checking in at the retreat.

Beck Bright-Samarzia

Beck will be offering Intuitive Scalp Massage with complimentary essential oils.

Julianne Roshan Dow

Julianne will be offering Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) self-care tools in response to your healing needs, both physical and emotional. JSJ is an ancient eastern healing art that uses non-invasive hands-on therapeutic touch to harmonize the life-force energy within the body. It is akin to Chinese acupuncture, and used in Integrative Medicine Departments in hospitals and cancer centers. You can do JSJ for yourself, and for others (animals too). Bring your phone to record the session. Some JSJ will be experienced during the Saturday morning yoga wellness class, as well. Learn more here:

Leah Hartman

Leah will be offering:
  • Reiki (with or without aromatherapy)
  • Relaxation Aromatherapy touch treatments (hands, feet, neck & head)
  • Chakra “dust busting”

You can learn more about Leah here:

Payment Options

Joe Thornton

Joe will be offering Reiki & Grounding sessions. You can learn more about Joe here:

John Michael Thornton

John Michael will offer Psychic Readings. You can learn more about John Michael here: