Pronouns: she,her,hers

Languages: English

Degrees: MS

Credentials: LPC



Phone: 412-254-4046


Amanda Chamberlain, MSCP, LPC, EMDR-CIT, CPTT-Candidate 

I feel called to work with survivors of trauma. Trauma can create a state of hypervigilance that makes it difficult to see beyond the present. Discovering the roots of triggers, negative perceptions, and patterns of response can free us to envision a path of healing. 

I welcome adults, age 18 and over, beginning with all clients where they are on their personal journey. I have experience with early attachment trauma, physical and sexual assault/abuse/neglect, and betrayal trauma. I am passionate about helping individuals who have endured the impact of infidelity and loving someone with sexually compulsive behaviors. I have training and experience helping clients with symptoms of complex PTSD, including dissociation, difficulty with relationships, and understanding needs and boundaries. I have been consulting with Sharon Saul since Part I of my EMDR training and will continue to work under her as I attain my hours to become a full consultant. My perspective is influenced by attachment-based theories, the Adaptive Information Processing model, parts work/ internal systems theories, mindfulness, creative arts, EMDR, and CBT. 

I received my BA in psychology from Point Park University in 2006 and my MS in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University in 2010.

Specialized Training: 

Certified EMDR Therapist and Consultant in Training(CIT) 

Certified Partner Trauma Therapist(CPTT) Candidate 

APSATS trained


Consultation Information

Consultation Rates

$45 for 60-minute individual consultation 

$45 for 120-minute group 

$35 for 90-minute group


Consultation Group Info

Tuesday 9/21/21 6:30-8:00pm

Parts work/Attachment wounding and trauma/Dissociation/Betrayal Trauma


Pittsburgh, PA, USA