Lindsay Rosser

Pronouns: she/her
Languages: English
Degrees: MS
Credentials: LMFT
Phone: 626-803-0400, ext 12


As a somatic therapist, I believe the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are interconnected. As a result, the stress of past emotional and traumatic events impact the central nervous system and cause changes in the brain and body. Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection and using specific interventions like EMDR, Somatic Therapy and Ego State Therapies like Internal Family Systems (IFS), I help clients release the muscular holding patterns, physical and emotional pain that remain in their bodies and minds from these past negative experiences. I am a certified Integrative Body Psychotherapist and EMDR therapist. I also specialize in Dissociation, Chronic Pain, Grief, Somatization Disorders, Complex Developmental Trauma, Preverbal/In Utero Trauma, Attachment Wounds, and Parts Work through a relational and systemic lens with focus on nervous system and somatic healing.

Consultation Information

Consultation Rates

As an AC my pricing will be as follows:

– $125 for one hour of individual

– $75 for two hour group

– $37.50 for one hour group

Consultation Group Info

EMDR groups are held biweekly on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 am PST. Dates listed below are for 2024: 

  • April 24th

  • May 8th

  • May 22nd

  • June 5th

  • June 19th

  • July 3rd

  • July 17th

  • July 31st

  • August 14th

  • August 28th

  • September 11th

  • September 25th

  • October 9th

  • October 23rd

  • November 6th

  • November 20th

  • December 4th

  • December 18th

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Downey, CA, USA