M. Melissa Oden

Pronouns: She/Her
Degrees: LCSW
Credentials: LCSW
Phone: 6786323847
Directory Categories: EMDR Therapy Training Graduates


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and obtained my Masters of Social Work from the University of Georgia. I am Certified in EMDR, currently a Consultant in Training, as well as working towards specialization in the spectrum of the dissociative processes.  I have worked in multiple crisis management facilities where I have assisted individuals facing all types of mental health conditions. I specialize in Complex Trauma including Dissociation,  and utilize evidence based practices to produce positive change.
I use a compassion filled approach that is tailored to each individual client. I believe educating clients on various topics that are impacting them create a better understanding that allows healing to occur. I utilize various treatment modalities that pair beautifully with trauma healing especially EMDR & DBT informed practices.

I have a passion for working with individuals and the therapeutic healing process. My area of focus is adverse life events and trauma or in other terms psychological wounds. At the core, Trauma overwhelms our coping abilities. There are multiple long-term impacts of our wounds that can create an imbalance in our daily functioning. Sometimes after time, the way we coped and continue to cope becomes destructive. Overall, our psychological wounds impact every single aspect of our life, subconsciously, in deep unknown ways to us.


1220 Pennsylvania Avenue, McDonough, GA, USA