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Sharon L Saul, she/her

PsyD, Doctor of Psychology
Work 6315 Forbes Ave – B16 Pittsburgh PA 15217 United States Phone: 412-421-2255 Link: Pschology Today Listing


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Sharon is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA since 1979. Early in my career I used clinical hypnosis to treat trauma and other issues. Since the beginning of being trained in EMDR in 2014, I have used EMDR exclusively for trauma. My areas of specialty in my EMDR practice and consultation are Complex Trauma, high degrees of Dissociation including DID, Attachment Issues, and Spiritual Issues (including Spiritual Abuse) .
Sharon and her husband of many decades are the parents of 7 children and more than 30 grandchildren.

Consultation Schedule and Info

Working with Orthodox Jewish and other religious clients; General EMDR therapy practice issues, Dissociation and Complex trauma, Parts Work, Spiritual Abuse,  Attachment Issues

I offer both individual and group consultation. I currently have two groups: One meets once a month on Friday mornings and is geared toward newly trained and less experienced EMDR therapists. The other meets monthly on Sunday mornings and is composed of more experienced EMDR therapists. Topics in the advanced group often focus on EMDR with high degrees of Dissociation, advanced use of interweaves, and the use of EMDR interweaves informed by Internal Family Systems. The fee for both one hour of individual consultation and a two hour group is generally $70. I have instituted a COVID19 discount of $60. Special fee arrangements can be arranged individually.
Inquiries and scheduling for consultation should be made by emailing me at ssaulpsychologist@gmail.com or by text at 412-421-2255.

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6315 Forbes Ave – B16 Pittsburgh PA 15217 United States

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