Sam is an EMDRIA-approved EMDR consultant and REAT (registered expressive arts therapist) who has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and LGBTQIA+ folx with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

You can expect Sam’s general consultation style to be thoroughly informed by expressive arts therapy, parts work/internal systems work, gender-affirming care, dissociation, attachment, and developmental trauma frameworks as well as anti-oppressive therapeutic frameworks. See her website for more information about her background and expertise.


Consultation Information

✓ Eligible to offer consultation in the Advanced Certificate in Dissociation Studies

Consultation Rates


$40/2 hour group Basic Trainee Exclusive Group.
$47/2 hour group (open to trainees of all levels). –Packages: 5 groups (10hrs) for $210; 8 groups (16hrs) for $330, 10 groups (20hrs) for $400
$95/1 hour for individual EMDR consultation (basic training, certification, dissociation-focused, or general guidance) and/or Expressive Arts Supervision. –Packages: 5hrs for $445, 10hrs for $875, 20hrs for $1700
$115/1 hour for CIT (Consultant in training). Package: 10 CIT hours for $1035.00

Certification package: 20 hours of consultation (10 individuals, 5 2-hr groups) for $1050

See more package options and schedule groups/individuals here:


4041 North High Street, Columbus, OH, USA