Just One More

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When you are young and disabled, nobody tells you that one day, using your arms as legs will cause your shoulders to wear down, you will be in pain, and have neck issues.

When you are young and disabled, nobody ever tells you it’s ok to take a break or to need a rest.

When you are young and disabled, nobody tells you that the way you are is ok and not your fault.

Nope, when you are young and disabled, they make you feel like you won’t break. They make you feel like they are building you up to be unbreakable. They see a body and diagnosis…not a person. You are flawed and need to be “fixed.”

Taking a break, not allowed.
Taking a rest and hitting the pause button?
Apply yourself.
You HAVE to reach your full potential.




Just one more hallway.
Just one more door.
Just one more step.

“If you don’t use it you will lose it.”

Just one more needle prick.
Just one more cast.
Just one more procedure.
Just one more test.

“No Pain. No Gain.”

Just one more doctor.
Just one more wound.
Just one more surgery.
Just one more bandage, staple, or stitch.
Just one more setback.
Nobody notices the crack.

Never any breaks to rest.
Just one more…
“Let it all be over.”
An unsafe, unspoken wish.

Be Strong.
You Are Brave.
Such An Inspiration.
You Are No Different.

For the body to live, the soul must die.
Truly there is no life at all.
With all these expectations, the only thing one can do is survive.

Always, just one more…


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