Bless Our Tired Asses

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This poem is inspired by a road sign we saw whilst on the Australia part of our pilgrimage: “Don’t trust your tired self.” Inspired by the advice, we translated it as “don’t trust your tired ass.” Poem written in call-and-response style.

Dear Lord

Dear Holy Mother

Dear Sweet Black Jesus

Bless our tired asses…

Dear Benevolent Ancestors

Dear Highest State of Consciousness

Thank you for Blessing our tired Asses

May Restoration touch our Sweet Souls…


Bless the mess that is our tired ass

Bless every nook and cranny

Bless every highway and by-way

Mountain and valley of our life

Bless our thoughts

Our thighs

Our health

And our homes

Bless our feelings

Our fannies

Our hearts

And our roads

Bless our projects

Our purpose


Our passions

Bless the mission

The path

And when we need it at the end of a hard ass day

The bath!



We would also like to invite you to further connect with the pilgrimage we made through our pilgrimage road trip playlist, available on Spotify:

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