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Redefine Therapy

Our work and our mission is to redefine therapy and our conversations are about the art and practice of healing. This blog was launched in May 2018 by Dr. Jamie Marich, affiliates, and friends.

  Originally published on the Dancing Mindfulness Expressive Arts Therapy Blog, 5/4/2017 If you’ve followed Dancing Mindfulness and other projects connected to my Institute for Creative Mindfulness work, you’ve likely encountered the hashtag #redefinetherapy. What started as a book chapter and a hashtag is quickly turning into a movement that you

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Everyone Must Walk Their Own Camino

At some point in 2017, Irene Rodriguez, one of my dearest friends and professional collaborators, mentioned that she wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago.  “Me too!,” I said, having been fascinated by the ancient route since watching the 2010 movie The Way starring Martin Sheen.  However, my connection to

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Dancing Mindfulness 10th Anniversary Letter

Dancing Mindfulness is a practice over which I never felt comfortable claiming ownership. Dance and mindfulness are two of the oldest healing practices that are inherent to the first peoples of our planet and to cultures on every continent. In this letter I will highlight some history of the Dancing

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Maybe You Don’t Need One More Certification

One of my favorite films is the 1996 sporting classic Jerry Maguire. The movie left us with many memorable lines including “Show me the money!,” “You had me at hello,” and—the therapist favorite—“Help me, help you.” Yet the more jaded that I am becoming with my field of clinical psychotherapy,

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Do Your Politics Impact Your Clinical Effectiveness?

Originally published on the NALGAP-Addiction Professional Blog, August 2016 Nothing makes my stomach turn quite so vigorously as when I see a helping professional make public social media posts supporting right wing causes or candidates. One moment in particular stands out. A psychologist who attended one of my trainings on

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In her classic Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes tells the tale of the misplaced zygote. This magical fairy child, brimming with joy and light, was so excited to be born that she hopped out of the basket early! As a result she ended up with parents

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Creating a Training Oasis in an Online Environment

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend at an in-person training we were both a part of; she in the role of facilitator, and I was the administrator for the course. It went something like this: Me: But I’m not a therapist. Her: No, you don’t see clients.

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God is in the Music

This summer, I sat in a chapel run by a major religious order before the Holy Mass where my brother Paul would make his vows of Solemn Profession, his next step on his way to ordination as a Roman Catholic priest next year. A great, conflicting pain overcame me in

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