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Redefine Therapy

Our work and our mission is to redefine therapy and our conversations are about the art and practice of healing. This blog was launched in May 2018 by Dr. Jamie Marich, affiliates, and friends.

  Originally published on the Dancing Mindfulness Expressive Arts Therapy Blog, 5/4/2017 If you’ve followed Dancing Mindfulness and other projects connected to my Institute for Creative Mindfulness work, you’ve likely encountered the hashtag #redefinetherapy. What started as a book chapter and a hashtag is quickly turning into a movement that you

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Just One More

When you are young and disabled, nobody tells you that one day, using your arms as legs will cause your shoulders to wear down, you will be in pain, and have neck issues. When you are young and disabled, nobody ever tells you it’s ok to take a break or

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The Gold Fish

Paint Myself Orange.That’s The Color I’m Suppose To Be. A Tiny Bubble World.The Only Life Meant For Me. Alone Inside A Tank.Never To Be Free. It’s Busy Outside My Tiny World.Passers-By Look At The Beautifully Colored Fish.They Never Glance At Me. Finally, It’s Happening.A Shadow I SeeSomeone Outside My Tiny

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Dear Nineteen

By Dr. Jamie Marich Today I celebrate nineteen years of continuous sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Nineteen is a very important number for me, making my arrival at this milestone all the more special. When I was chronologically nineteen, I crossed the line into chemical dependence. I also came out

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Manigusto: My Alternative to “The Bucket List”

My friend Heather and I were recently talking about the marvels of travel and sharing on all of the places we’d like to go. She said, “India is on my ‘bucket list,’ although I really don’t like the term ‘bucket list.’” “Yes!,” I declared, “Neither do I!” The phrase never

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It’s Disabled, Thank You Very Much

The term disability or identifying as disabled has long been seen by mainstream society as negative, wrong, bad, a character flaw, dirty, tragic, pitiful, or an inability. Those with disabilities are seen as having a lesser value and remain outside the human experience. This way of thinking and the discomfort

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