Dr. Jamie wrapped in a lit, rainbow sparking cloth similitude to a cocoon
Image received by Alicia Hann, with inspiration from Sydney Stephenson and Justine Mastin

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I am not your guru
I am not your mother
I am not your slave
I am not your lover

I cannot be the friend you might be looking for
I cannot be the perfect ally to everyone
I cannot be your instant fixer
I cannot make your problems go away

I will not give you a neat model for healing, for
I am not a model anything
I will not crack any code, because
I cannot be codified

I am not your guru
I am not your mother
I am not your slave
I am not your dumpster

I am imperfect and flawed
I am the villain in many peoples’ stories
I will let you down when I set my boundaries
I am meant to fall from pedestals

I am a teacher, only because 
I have experiences to share
I am a guide, simply because
I have trudged some roads myself

Please don’t make me your only teacher
Your only guide
There are other voices to embrace that
Will help you transform into your own


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  1. Jamie, this is so beautiful. I love your work and would love to share this on my page. With your credit of course. Thank you for inspiring me over and over <3

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