The Gold Fish

Artwork created by the author

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Paint Myself Orange.
That’s The Color I’m Suppose To Be.

A Tiny Bubble World.
The Only Life Meant For Me.

Alone Inside A Tank.
Never To Be Free.

It’s Busy Outside My Tiny World.
Passers-By Look At The Beautifully Colored Fish.
They Never Glance At Me.

Finally, It’s Happening.
A Shadow I See
Someone Outside My Tiny World Appears.
They Want Me.

A Hand Reaches Inside.
I’ve Been Set Free.
Here’s My Chance To Belong To The Sea.


Wait, Something Is Not Quite Right.
I Am Past The Land.
I’m Past The Sea.
This is Not Where I Am Suppose To Be.

It’s Dark.
It’s Cold.
I Can Not See.
That’s It?
This Way?
I Never Imagined It To Be.

Inside My Tank.
In The Wide Open Sea.
The Truth?
I Am Never Truly Free.

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  1. Wow. You had me at orange, but the concept of freedom after reading “Just one more…” I hear you loud and clear.

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