Special Dissociation Focused Consultation Groups

with ICM Approved Consultants & Consultants In Training

ICM Founder Dr. Jamie Marich is an outspoken advocate in the EMDR community, and in the helping professions at large, about the imperative of addressing dissociation in trauma care. In addition to her professional credentials, Dr. Jamie Marich is also “out” about her experiences as a woman in long-term recovery from both addiction and a clinically significant dissociative disorder. While she values many of the approaches and models that exist for assessing and conceptualizing treatment, her core thesis is that professionals must first have an understanding about their own relationship to dissociation and parts before they can effectively address it in clients. This person-centered approach to dissociation defines much of her teaching on the matter, and you can currently access this through a home study version of her popular course, “The Power of Process in Treating Trauma and Dissociation.” Be sure to also visit our complimentary Addiction and Dissociation Resources Page.

Dr. Jamie Marich is not currently offering clinical consultation during 2021 due to her sabbatical. She encourages you to look at the ICM Consultation page to explore our team members (all of whom have been vetted by her) who specialize in dissociation. She is also proud to draw featured attention to our team members who, after her model, have set up consultation groups specifically focused on dissociation or the interplay of addiction and dissociation.